Death By Puppets

The Puppets are coming

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A brief word on a short hiatus…

We have had a regular video to post every month for a couple years now. The last month or two we’ve missed that due to some live shows, delayed filming, and personal life stuff. BUT Charles (our builder) is moving soon, and will have a new puppet workshop where many more fantastic Death By Puppets projects will be birthed, and possibly filmed. Stay tuned for more puppety goodness.

In the mean time, if you are in the Atlanta area you can see us at almost every one of the Atlanta Puppet slams: The Puckin Fuppet Show, and this afternoon Death By Puppets will be performing live some of our next bits to be filmed ( Tim Vortex ) at the TimeGate convention ( Please come out and see us live! 

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July 13, 2033: The New York City Police Department opens its first Precrime Unit. Psychics called “precogs” are recruited to predict and stop crimes before they’re committed.